Hear the story of two spirits frequently seen in downtown Sealy!
Two ghost images have been seen by multiple people on numerous occasions in buildings in downtown Sealy.  It appears that the two spirits move from building to building.   Black 
shadow figures as well as spirit images have been seen in several buildings included on this year's tour.  

New tour sites include the old Sealy Fire Department Building, Wittenburg Saddle Shop (now Wilson Engineering), and the building known locally as the City Cafe (now Studio Blend Gallery & Coffee Shop).

Paranormal investigators have been studying several of these buildings for the past several months to learn what the spirits want to tell us.  This year's tour will include data from paranormal investigations that have been underway for several months. Cryptozoologcial Paranormal Investigations' (CPI) team of investigators have had equipment set up in downtown buildings and have captured voices and seen ghosts or spirit images.

They have interviewed a number of property owners in downtown Sealy about ghostly experiences in their buildings. Join us to hear their findings.

Come hear the results of their investigation, visit the locations the spirits frequent and learn about the history of the people who walked the streets of Sealy when these spirits were walking among them.

This year's tour promises to be something truly special for the historian as well as the ghost hunter that resides in many of us!

There will be seven tours, each lasting approximately 1 1/2 hours.  The tours will begin at 7 PM and begin on the half hour until 10 PM.  Tour goers will be transported to the tour locations by hay wagon.  If you prefer, you may drive your car to the tour locations.

Please wear comfortable clothing and dress appropriately for the weather conditions on the day of the tour.

Tours will begin at the Studio Blend Gallery & Coffee Shop located at 203 Fowlkes Street in Sealy.  Please purchase tickets in advance.  Seating cannot be guaranteed the night of the tour if tickets are not purchased in advance.  Seating is limited!  

Purchase tickets for the tour time you prefer.  Please arrive 10 minutes prior to the tour to register.

You must purchase tickets for the specific tour you want to take.  Ticket prices are as follows:

If purchased at the Gordon Memorial Library in Sealy:
Adults   - $15.00 for adults if purchased at the Gordon Memorial Library in Sealy.
Students - $7.00 for students 18 and under if purchased at the Gordon Memorial Library in Sealy.

If purchased online:
Adults - $16.00 if purchased online. 
Students - $8.00 for students 18 and under if purchased online.
Tickets purchased online will be "will call" and waiting for you at the Santa Fe Musuem at the time of your tour.

Seats will not be reserved if payment has not been received prior to the tour.  Some tickets might be available the day of the tour, but please remember that seating is limited and that it is best to purchase tickets in advance.

Tickets may be purchased below using Paypal.  

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