Sealy Area Historical Society

                                    1920s Fashion Show

A show of fashions dating from the 1920s was produced in conjunction with the 2016 Spring Picnic held at the Liedertafel in Sealy.  

All of the clothing, hats, hoisery, gloves and jewelry dated from the 1920s.  A few accessories and some of the shoes were reproductions of items from the 1920s.  

Outfits ranged from a bathing suit to a wedding gown.  We enjoyed hor d'uerves and wine while watching the show.    Photos of the event can be enlarged.  Please do not reproduce without permission.
Two-piece suits were typically made of wool in the 1920s.
Shoes worn to the beach were typically flats that laced up above the ankle.
The handkerchief hem was very popular in the 1920s.
Oversized hats that caused girls and women to hold their heads high in order to see were the ultimate in fashion.
Women were only seen in pants in certain situations outdoors, such as when playing golf.
Note that the knickers button on the side.
Silk chiffon was the fabric of the day in the 1920s.
Hats that pulled down tight over the head were in fashion in the 1920s into the 1930s.
Embroidered shawls were used to dress up an outfit.
Asymmetrical hats were the rage.
Men often sported striped cotton jackets for casual days on the boardwalk.
Men often wore straw hats with their casual clothing.
Flowing loose chiffon with a drop waist was a hallmark of 1920s women's clothing.
Large floppy hats were often worn to afternoon teas and garden parties.
Extensive beading was preferred for the best evening wear. These dresses are quite heavy.
Gloves were a must for women anytime they left the house.  The shorter the sleeves, the longer the gloves.
Extensive embroidery using gold and silver threads was used on the finest dresses.
Embroidery and beading were done on delicate chiffons which has caused most dresses from the 1920s to have significant deterioration.
Full-length slip dresses were worn underneath sheer chiffon. Oftentimes dresses came with a matching under dress.
Long beads that hung below the waste were very popular in the 1920s.
Velvet was commonly worn in the early 1920s.
Lace and black velvet have a timeless appeal.
This wedding dress was worn in 1926. Bridal bouquets were quite large in the 1920s.
Every bride should arrive in such a car!
Notice the prevalence of drop waists and chiffon.
Hats and gloves were a must.
Many volunteers were involved in producing the 1920s Fashion Show.
Hairdressers and makeup artists were very busy back stage.
Some needed help with their hats!
And some needed help with their gloves.
"The Charleston" was a very popular dance and allowed the women to show off their fringe.
Hairstyles were replicas of styles worn in the 1920s.
The tools of the trade.
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