2014 Spring Picnic Sponsor Registration

The Spring Picnic and Airing of the Quilts will be held Saturday, March 31, 2012.

This year’s Spring Picnic will be similar to last year’s but with more music, a vintage baseball tournament and living demonstrations of life as it was 100 years ago.

Please support the 2012 Spring Picnic by sponsoring one of our many activities or performances.  

Each Sponsorship slot is $100.00.  All donations go toward the cost of producing the Spring Picnic and restoration of the Sealy Area Historical Society’s museum buildings and exhibits.  You may reserve full sponsorship for an activity by donating enough to cover all of the sponsorship slots for that activity. 

Your personal or business name, whichever you prefer, will be displayed on the sign for that particular activity or performance.  

We have added new activities this year including a Vintage Baseball Tournament and a Demonstration of Life in the 1860s.  Please visit our website www.sealyhistoricalsociety.org for more details.  You may reserve sponsorship of a particular activity on our website or by contacting Nancy Naron at 832-492-4244 or nnaron@gmail.com.  

All sponsor fees and donations should be mailed to:
Sealy Area Historical Society
P. O. Box 585
Sealy, Texas  77474


Magic ShowNeed two sponsors
Tricycle RaceNeed two sponsors
Cake WalkNeed two sponsors
Checkers & DominoesNeed two sponsors
BadmintonNeed two sponsors
CroquetNeed two sponsors
Drink BoothNeed two sponsors
Food BoothNeed two sponsors
Egg TossNeed two sponsors
Hoop & Stick RacesNeed two sponsors
Washer Pitching ContestNeed two sponsors
Show – Circus ShowNeed two sponsors
E-Flat Porch BandNeed two sponsors
Dulcimer BandNeed two sponsors
Quilt ShowNeed two sponsors
Antique Car & Buggy ParadeNeed three sponsors
Life in the 1860s DemonstrationNeed two sponsors
Spinning & Weaving DemonstrationNeed two sponsors
Quilting DemonstrationNeed two sponsors
Vintage Baseball TournamentNeed three sponsors

The Evening on the Deck series consists of six events
 held in March, April, May, September, October and November
at the Sealy Historical Park at 211 East Main St., Sealy, TX

Each Evening on the Deck is on a Sunday evening from 5 - 7 PM
and features storytellers, musicians, dancers, and other performers,
with an emphasis on Texas history.

        Please support the Sealy Area Historical Society's Evening on the Deck series by registering as a sponsor. Signs at the event and online ads will include the sponsors' names.

Sponsorship at the $100 level includes sponsorship of a series of six events.

Individual events may be sponsored at a level of $25.00.

All donations are totally tax exempt and go toward the cost of producing the Evening on the Deck series and restoration of the Sealy Area Historical Society’s museum buildings and exhibits. Your personal or business name, whichever you prefer, will be displayed on signs at the event. SUBMIT YOUR LOGO AND WE WILL INCLUDE IT WITH YOUR SPONSORSHIP INFORMATION ON OUR WEBSITE. CHECK YOUR LEVEL OF SPONSORSHIP BELOW, COMPLETE THE FORM AND CLICK "SUBMIT FORM."

Series of Six Evenings on the Deck Sponsorship: 

Single Evening on the Deck Sponsorship:  

Sponsor fees and donations can be mailed to:  Sealy Area Historical Society, P. O. Box 585, Sealy, Texas 77474 or donations may be made online by submitting this form and making payment via the website.

You may make your donation by clicking the "Make Sponsor Donation" button at the bottom of the page.

Your personal name or company name will be displayed on signs at the Evenings on the Deck and in online advertising.  

The name to be displayed is:

Name of Person Authorizing Sponsorship:  

Mailing Address: 

Phone Number:   

Email Address:  

 Evening on the Deck Sponsor Registration
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